Saturday, October 3, 2015

1 Samuel 13:1

Is a verse that is difficult to translate, many skeptics suspect the text itself has lost some of it's original information in the copying.

Most translations ignore that the Hebrew word for "son" is in the verse.  Many translations are easy to mock for making it sound like Saul was only a year old when he began his reign.

My view is that it is saying Saul had a son early in his reign. possibly in it's first year, then it cuts forward 12 years or so to when his sons are much older.

Lots of people think there is no Old Testament basis for Paul's statement in Acts 13 that Saul reigned 40 years, and that the Old Testament narrative implies a reign probably much shorter.

But 2 Samuel 2:10 says Ish-Bosheth was 40 when his reign began.  He was Saul's youngest son born to his wife, so if Saul had at least one son during his reign, he reigned at least 40 years.  My hypothesis is Ish-Bosheth was born during Saul's first year as King.

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