Saturday, May 6, 2017

Orion, Osiris, Nimrod, Set, Sothis

Amongst the misinformation floating around about Nimrod out there, are claims he can be identified with both Orion and Osiris.  Osiris is linked to Orion, but I think that is about the extent of the reason Nimrod is linked to Osiris.

In my main The Bible never says Nimrod was evil post I talked a bit about this.  How The Bible also calls Esau a Hunter, and so the name Seir being linked to Osiris (I have not been able to independently verify it being linked to Orion) makes an Esau connection more likely then Nimrod.  Then I did my post on Osiris and Seir.

I've done some more research on this since however. 

Sah is the name the Egyptians gave Orion, and he was frequently identified with Osiris.

BTW, one of the reasons I've become so skeptical of my old belief in Gospel in the Stars/Mazzroth theories is because the claim that what the Constellations are is universal is actually quite wrong.  Not only are they totally different as far away from Greece as China and Japan and even India.  But even the other Mediterranean cultures were not as consistent with the Constellations we're used to (which is basically the Greek's view of them as adapted by the Romans) as people like to assume.

In this case. I've seen it pointed out that Orion was the only Constellation that the Egyptians had in common with the Greeks.  But even then, Sah is never defined as a Hunter, neither is Osiris.  The Mesopotamians didn't call Orion a Hunter either, they called him "The Heavenly Shepherd" or "True Shepherd of Anu".  It seems to be Canis Major they viewed as a Hunter (Ninurta) firing an arrow (Sirius) at Orion, so Orion was the hunted.

It is worth noting though the etymology of the name Sirius may come form Seir.   From Wikipedia.
The most commonly used proper name of this star comes from the Latin Sīrius, from the Ancient Greek Σείριος (Seirios, "glowing" or "scorcher"),[112] although the Greek word itself may have been imported from elsewhere before the Archaic period,[113]
Another claim about the Egyptian view of the stars you see a lot is that Sothis (the Greek form of the Egyptian name for Sirius) was Set/Seth.  Actually Sothis being a Greek Corruption of the name Sopdet, was their name for Sirius but it was viewed as feminine and identified with Isis.  The child of Sah and Spodet was Sopdu, who was identified with Horus and according to some hard to verify sources the planet Venus.

So be aware that there is a lot of misinformation out there when studying these topics.

Another astronomical mystery is what Star was refereed to as Nibiru, also spelled Neberu or Nebiru.  The whole Planet X mythology is easily debunkable nonsense.  But the name does come from Babylonian texts.  Some think it refereed to Jupiter, others have speculated various stars in the Constellations.  Certain references to it seem an awful lot like Polaris to me.  But that star wasn't always where it is now, it used to be the entire Constellation of Ursa Minor was what sailors used, not one specific star.  The Mesopotamians called Ursa Minor the Wagon of Heaven and associated it with Enlil.

Interestingly the Mesopotamian city commonly called Nippur was in Sumerian called Nibru and in Akkadian Nibbur.  Nippur was home to the main Sumerian Temple dedicated to Enlil.

The Septuagint renders Nimrod as Nebrod.  Why the M would become a B I can't figure out.  In our Greek texts of Josephus a similar thing happens, it becomes Nabrodes in Antiquities Chapter 2 Section 2.  And Nabrodou in Section 3.  So perhaps there is a relationship there.

Our main references to Nibiru associate it with Marduk/Merodach.  But Marduk actually develops late in the history of Babylonian religion, or at least doesn't become a lead god till late, being largely popularized by the first Nebuchadezzar, conventionally dated to 1125-1104 BC, but some revised Chronologists have moved him later.  In this later development he takes over many of the traits and functions that originally belonged to Enlil, but Marduk was a son of Enlil's rival and brother Enki.  Nippur was the chief center of the worship of Enlil.  So I think Marduk usurped Nibiru from Enlil.  Perhaps symbolic of Satan's desire to claim Nimrod served him rather then Yahuah.

Dumuzid was possibly another son of Enki.  Dumuzid was also called The Shepherd, so he might have been associated with Orion who was the Shepherd to the Babylonians.  Which links him to the same Constellation Osiris was.  And like Osiris he is the King who reigns in The Underworld.