Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Antediluvian Sumerian Kings List

I have a hypothesis about the Antediluvian Sumerian Kings List.

Quoting that Wikipedia page.
The antediluvian reigns were measured in Sumerian numerical units known as sars (units of 3,600), ners (units of 600), and sosses (units of 60).
Since I believe before the Flood and maybe still awhile after the lunar and solar cycles were perfectly in sync with 30 day months and 360 day years of exactly 12 months.  I speculated, what if the "units" meant there are days rather then years with sars being decades, sosses 2 months each and ners periods of 20 months?

I then calculated the reigns of the 8 antediluvian kings to be 670 years total.  Ending that period with The Flood puts it's start one year before the rapture of Enoch which was 669 years before The Flood.

I argued in an earlier post on this blog that the Pre-Flood Eridu was the city founded in Genesis 4, that it was actually founded by Enoch Ben-Cain and named after Irad.  I don't think this event is when it was founded though, I think it existed for awhile.  Still since I think Enoch Ben-Cain was born sometime later then Seth, he could have easily lived to 79 years after the rapture of Enoch.

With the Creation and Flood dates I have argued for.  That would be 3419 BC (986 AM) for the beginning of Alulim's reign as king of Eridu.  Followed by 3418 BC for the rapture of Enoch.

Alulim reigned 80 years from 986-1066 AM
Alangar reigned 100 years from 1066-1166 AM
180 total of Eridu(Irad) as the capital

En-men-lu-ana reigned 120 years from 1166-1286 AM
En-men-gal-ana reigned 80 years from 1286-1366 AM
Dumuzid The Shepherd(Tammuz) reigned 100 years from 1366-1466 AM
300 years total of Bad-tibira as the capital

En-sipad-zid-ana reigned 80 years from 1466-1546 AM from Larag

En-men-dur-ana reigned 58 years and 4 months from 1546-1604/5 AM from Zimbir

Ubara-Tutu reigned 51 years and 8 months from 1604/5-1656 AM from Shuruppag

I think Eridu alone might be about the same location as the post Flood cite affiliated with it.  My hunch is from there each new capital went further east.  But that is purely speculative.

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