Thursday, May 5, 2016

Damien F. Mackey

Is a figure in Revised Chronology circles we need to be very cautious of.  He makes some good observations, but.....

It seems the work done on the now gone SpecialtyInterests site (which I always had mixed feelings on) was mostly his work.

But back then he mostly agreed with Velikovsky probably more then I do, but is now abandoning several pillars of Velikovsky's models while still it seems clinging to Hatsheput as the Queen of Sheba.

What is more dangerous however is his being involved in really weird theories saying certain Pharaohs of Egypt and Kings of Israel were the same persons.  He plays games with the Song of Solomon and Abishag to make her, Shulamith, the Queen of Sheba and Hatshebsut all the same person.  And make David Tuthmosis I.  That is simply wrong.

For The Song of Solomon, I have argued elsewhere that Solomon is not the Beloved and that Shulamith is his granddaughter Shelomith.

Psalm 45 may have a thematic parallel to the Song of Solomon, but I don't think it's about the same Romance since it would have been written by David before Solomon's reign began.

He actually responded to my Queen of Sheba article in some places.  Basically making an argument I already dealt with in advance, the Queen of Sheba does NOT need to be important by Secular standards.

What Jesus said about her requires no more then what the TNAK says.  Jesus mentioned her because she was Saved, Hatshebsut clearly never converted to Monotheism, but there is nothing to contradict the kingdoms of Yeman being Monotheistic at this time.

Update July 2017: On another Blog I discussed his theories about Tobit and Judith.

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