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The Sea Peoples and Lost Tribes speculation

I already did one post on The Tribe of Dan and the Sea Peoples.  This shall retread some of that while also being a follow up.  I've also already noted that my mind has changed on what I said about Ethiopia there in my post on Cush and Africa.

Of the nine peoples mentioned in Egyptian texts who we today group together as Sea Peoples, only five were called that by the Egyptians.  The Denyen were instead the people of the Isles or Islands.  The Lukka appear to be Lydia (Biblical Lud) in modern Turkey, but it could also refer to the Lycia on the Mediterranean coast of Asia Minor.  The Prrst are popularly identified as the Philistines but we know they were the Persians.  And the Tjekker are the most enigmatic.  None of those four were called Sea Peoples.

The Ekwesh and Weshesh are never both mentioned at the same time.  The Ekwesh are mentioned only by Merneptah.  And the Weshesh by 20th Dynasty and later texts.  With the common Wesh element in their names, I feel it's safe to make a "Clark Kent is never around when Superman shows up" observation.  So we thus can narrow the Sea Peoples down to four people groups.

The Weshesh being identified with Asher is well known, as are theories connecting the Shekelesh to either Isshachar or Shechem.  I've mentioned before my theory for connecting the Sherden to the Sardite clan descended from Sered of the Tribe of Zebulun mentioned in Numbers 26:26, and Joshua 19:10-12 associates a location called Sarid with Sebulun.  And I also think the Teresh could come from Tirzah, a city of Western Manasseh.  As a final minor note the Tjeker are linked in one text to Dor, a coastal city of Manasseh, but also near both Asher and Zebulun, and who's Governor under Solomon was married to a Daughter of Solomon.

On my other blog I did a Lost Tribes follow up post where I showed it was only the Trans-Jordan Tribes, Naphtali, and part of Ephraim (mainly Samaria) who were deported by Assyria.  And I believe they were taken East of the Euphrates and so can't be linked to Europe.  And I made a point of how Western Manasseh, Asher, Zebulun & Isshachar, and some of Ephraim still existed in their allotments at the time of Hezekiah's Passover.

Of those, Western Manasseh, Asher, Zebulun & Issachar I feel can also be labeled the North Western Coastal Tribes, who between Genesis 49 and Deuteronomy 33 seem to have a bit of a Sea Faring destiny foretold for them. So identifying the Sea Peoples with these tribes I feel does not conflict with with Velikovsky's Ionian identifications for them, as I believe they would have traveled by sea to that region, and perhaps both founded colonies there and intermingled with the descendants of Javan and Lud who already dwelt there.  Also Joel 3 described Israelites being sold into Slavery to Greeks.

In my post on Gog and Magog I talk about Gyges of Lydia and his role in the history of the Sherden.

One of the most important Ionian cities was Miletus. I agree with Bill Cooper who in After The Flood argued that people from Miletus migrated to Ireland as the Milesians about 510 BC.  But I also feel other migrations of Galiac peoples to Ireland from Ionia happened around 300 and 100 BC since I also see some truth to O'Rahilly's Model.  Earlier the list of Sea Powers has Miletus as the dominant Sea Power when the Northern Kingdom fell.

So I think the Irish and possibly other peoples of the British Isles, and maybe Gauls of France also, partly descend from the North Western Coastal Tribes.  While the Scandanavians and Gemranic peoples (including Angl-Saxons and maybe Franks) partly come from Dan.  Thus meaning there is some truth in the Britam Model (I also agree with Britam on Edom being Rome, and Moab & Amon being Spain & Portugal, but not so much identifying Edom with Germany or Japan).

I have also looked into the claims of those who believe many "Negroes" are the "True Israelites".  Like a Video on YouTube called Hidden History of Blacks in The Bible.  This video supports garbage like the Kazzar myth, and just generally agrees with the "Race" concept rather then rejecting it as I do.  And supports Legalism which I don't like, and a very Ethnocentric view of The Gospel.

On it's claims about History though.  First I should note while it throws around the phrase "Lost Tribes" a few times, it does not claim Negros descend from the Assyrian Captivity or even Babylonian, but rather the Roman Captivity.  And it doesn't claim all Black Africans are Israelites, but mainly those specific tribes targeted by the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, of which the Igbo are the most notorious.  I find that argument quite compelling, we know via the Prophetess Anna mentioned in Luke that some of these same Tribes I was just discussing had a remnant still in Israel during the Time of Christ.  Plus what happened to the remaining Ephraimites I haven't explained yet.

However the specific Tribal Identity theory this video promoted makes African Americans Judah, while I now think the Judahites in Africa would be Aksum Ethiopia (not to be confused with Biblical Ethiopia).  The main reason the Ethiopian Beta Israel claims aren't considered as Genetically verified as other Jewish groups is because they don't seem genetically distinct from the Gentiles of Ethiopia.  Two of the three major Haplogroups associated with Jews are present in that part of Africa.  The one missing is the one I think most likely to have entered Jewry via European Jews intermingling with Europeans.

I think the Gentiles of Ethiopia are of Judean ancestry as well.  The Christians are probably descended from Jews who converted to Christianity, and while I don't think the Menelik Dynasty descends from Solomon and Sheba.  I do think they might descend from King Jehoahaz who was last seen being taken to Egypt by Necho, and/or from the Daughters of Zedekiah who came to Egypt later mentioned in Jeremiah.  Then later maybe some Judeans who came to Africa after the Roman conquest joined them.

The Pagans of Ethiopia are according to the oral traditions of one of them descended from Canaanite tribes.  Yet I have made an important point out of how there is no Biblical Basis for connecting Canaan to Africa.  However Ezekiel 16 talks about Jews who worship the Canaanite gods, or worship Yahuah in a Canaanite fashion, as being spiritually children of Canaanites.  So I think these Pagan Pseudo-Canaanites of Ethiopia are really Jews who fell into Idolatry.  Interestingly these tribes do seem to practice a Monotheistic form of Paganism.

But going back to the Enslaved Western Africans being Israelites.  The video I mentioned uses the Bondage in Egypt, and Joel 3's reference to Israelites being sold into Slavery, and the various Captivities, and the Books of Maccabees alluding to Jews being Enslaved by Antiochus Epiphanes, all as Prophetic evidence that being Enslaved is itself evidence of Israelite heritage.

Well Africans weren't the only people enslaved by the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  Many Native Americans were as well.  But also going back to what I argued above, so were many of the Irish.  Also both Ashkenazim Jews and Japanese people (and others) were Enslaved in Concentration Camps during WWII.

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