Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dan and Baalbek

I talked about Dan a great deal in an early post of this Blog.  The Tribe of Dan and the Sea Peoples, some aspects of that I've changed my mind on as shown in my post about Cush and in The Lost Tribes and the Sea Peoples.

While a great deal of what I said in that post is still important to me.  I've now changed my mind on the details of it even more as I've come to agree with Velikovsky on the Dan of Jeroboam's Calf being Baalbek.

The key change being that I can no longer necessarily agree with my past assessment (taken from Birtam) that the Leshem-Dan of Joshua and Laish-Dan of Judges are different places.  Or at least if they are somewhat different not nearly so far away from each other.  Maybe they could still be different migrations to basically the same area.

I do not associate Danites with less locations however.  From this site they migrated and scattered further.  Moses foretold they would Leap from Bashan.  So I still think they are tied to the Danuna/Denyen of the Sea Peoples as well as Adana in Turkey.

Actually the reason for this change from my earlier view is entirety because my initial view was Leshem-Dan became Jerobaom's and an idiom for Israel's Northern Border. While Velikovsky's here firmly identifies Jeroboam's Dan with Laish-Dan.  Leshem has a lot less said about it however, it's not identified with the Hamath or Rehob.  Many people are confused by Moses association of Dan with Bashan in Deuteronomy 33 since it's south of even Tel-Dan and usually associated with Eastern Manasseh and generally placed in the Golan Heights.  Tel-Dan is in the Golan Heights, just way up North.

However I can't agree with Velikovsky's desire to diminish how Roman the site of Baalbek we know today is.  Chris White in Ancient Aliens Debunked thoroughly proves how Roman it is.  And it had the same Architect as the one who designed Hadrian's Temple Complex over the Temple Mount.  A fact relevant to making the Southern Conjecture argument.

However it perhaps adds interesting context to Hadrian building these two complexes at the same time, if Baalbek was the Dan of Jeroboam.  Maybe he wanted to leave his mark on the Holy Sites of both Kingdoms of Israel?

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